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Aramid Blended Flatwork Ironer Tape


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1/2" x 100 Yards Roll Quote/Order Info
1/2" x 400 Yards Spool
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5/8" x 100 Yards Roll
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5/8" x 400 Yard Spool
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BLENDED NOMEX TAPE is made up of a combination of Aramid and high temperature yarms which gives the tapes additional break strength.
Preshrunk and heatset and has a minimum shrinkage of less that 2%
Designed to allow better flow through ironers due to the width and better gripping qualities.
Can withstand high temperatures from 350�F to 425�F.
Can be knotted or stapled and longer lasting than Nomex due to its higher break strengh and has lower usage costs.
BLENDED NOMEX TAPE can be fused using an ultrasonic welder.


Available in:

�" 100 yards per roll

�" 400 yard spools



Blended Aramid Ironer Tape Is especially manufactured for Thermal or Gas heated Ironers.



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