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Guide Tapes Recommend for Steam Ironers

Recommend use up to 350� F


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POLYESTER TAPE is made of 100% heavy polyester yarn, and is heatset and preshrunk.
It can be knotted, stapled, or fused. Can be used on ironers with temperatures up to 350�F.


Stapling: Fasten with stapler using at least nine staples.
Knotting: Tie a square knot.
Fusing: Use a TAPE WELDER, except for Nomex.


Available in sizes mentioned above
All rolls come 100 yards per roll
All Spools come 400 yard per spools


Special Finish
Heat Resistant
Strong and Ruable
Does not Shrink
All Ironer Tapes have approximate break strengths of 225-240 PSI.
Fusing ironer tapes versus stapling or knotting will increase the life of the tape on a flatwork ironer.



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